Scent A Room Candles.....

Evolved from my very own love for candles. My curiosity for the candles to burn evenly, smell & look good was the desired outcome. For years we had bought candles from different sources and always obtained the same results; wax left in the jar, sinkholes, low or no scent throw at all.

In the summer of 2004 a friend introduced me to her own candle line. I loved them so much that she inspired me to try and make my own candles, she said to me "I think you would like making your own candles!" She gave me enough info to peak my interest. I began to research the internet and by October 2004 I was making "MY" very own candles. (So you know what the family got for Christmas!!)

I was enjoying my hobby and began to give candles as gifts to family and friends for friends. Everyone would always say how well they scent a room, the scent stays in the room, candle last a long time! ( I already knew all that!) They are so much better than those others! Thus, "Scent A Room" was born.

In 2008 my son, Steve created a fragrance spray, calling it, "Smell Good" a division of Scent A Room. I'm sure you can guess the reason for that name!

In January 2014 a good friend ask me to be vendor at our church function. I agreed. Steve said we need more product, thus the introduction of a new line of products we call, Scented Melting Blocks. Especially designed for a warmer and also for those who don't want a flame! Ideal for office, and homes with young children and/or pets.

In June 2014, we went global with the opening of www.scentaroom.net

the internet store was another idea from Steve.

All of our Scent A Room products are individually and truly hand poured, colorful and powerfully scented to scent a room or home. Everyone wants a wonderful Smell Good Product that looks good, smells good, and lasts a long time. Well look no further, YOU FOUND WHAT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR, THIS IS IT, SCENT~A~ROOM, I guarantee you'll love it! WHY NOT TRY IT ONE TIME!!!!