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What is the USPS Form 1583 (Postal Consent Form) and why do I need to complete it?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) regulates how your mail can be received and handled. As commercial mail receiving agencies (CMRA),  required by the USPS to follow its outlined procedures. The USPS Form 1583 authorizes the CMRA to receive mail for you. Without this form, the CMRA is required to return your mail to the sender.

Notarize Form 1583

You will need to have the USPS 1583 Form notarized for us to be able to accept it. You and the notary will sign the form and the notary should provide an All-Purpose Acknowledgement. If you choose to find a notary on your own, notaries can be found almost everywhere in the United States. Courthouses and banks normally have an in-house notary, or you can do a web search to find notaries in your area.

The following is a list of acceptable forms of identification that you can use to complete your 1583 Form.

  1. Valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card
  2. Armed Forces, Government, University, or recognized Corporate ID
  3. Passport, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization
  4. Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
  5. Voter or vehicle registration card
  6. Home, health, or vehicle insurance policy

Social Security cards, credit cards, and Birth Certificates are NOT acceptable forms of identification.

There are two ways for you to forward your notarized 1583 Form to us.

Email the notarized form 1583 and a copy of the (ID's) used  



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